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If you haven't anything nice to say

Maybe it's a sadistic sort of mood, but sometimes it seems there's no better motivation than the desire to outdo someone else. I will get farther than so'n'so, dammit. And sooner, too. And so I'd better sit down and get writing or that's not going to happen.

John Irving talks about that sort of thing in The World According To Garp. Garp finds a famous Austrian writer whom he hates, and this inspires him to prove he can do better. Granted, the Austrian writer is dead, so the competition is somewhat predictable, but it's the same idea. Every writer needs another writer to denigrate. ;)

Because we deserve it more than them, anyway, right? So let's get going and take it.

(Hopefully unnecessary disclaimer: this does not refer to anyone on the Friends list. You are all deserving of fame and fortune. The people I denigrate have earned it.)

35 pages into the new revision of Signi. One more chapter (tomorrow) to go, and then I'll be past the point of the old revision. Might go a little slower after that. Still, I'm now hoping to have the second draft done and edited by the beginning of December, so it can be critiqued throughout December/January, and then wrung through final edits before spring. I want to get as far as I can before I have to make the grad school decision.

Info on the New York SCBWI Conference is up. Still not sure if I'm going. The Bunnicula guy is going to be there, which is cool, but it's expensive and I'd have to fly there. I think I'll have to wait and see who the other industry people will be.

Is anyone else planning on going?

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