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Writers and book trends

Author Lena Coakley asked me to stop by her blog today to talk about writers and book trends. It’s a topic I was happy to discuss, because I’ve seen the affects of trends throughout my writing career. The post begins:

Hang out in writerly circles for very long, and you’ll hear conversation turn toward trends. What genres and topics are publishers scrambling to get more of? Which are almost impossible to sell? Should you try to match your writing to what’s currently hot, or veer off in a new direction?

It’s hard not to be tempted by the idea that there are strategies (beyond simply writing well) that will make it easier to get your book published. And authors don’t agree on the answer. Some attribute their success to paying attention to what’s selling and writing the sort of books publishers have shown they want. Others say that by the time you notice a trend, it’s likely too late to join in before the market’s saturated, so you’re just wasting your time.

I don’t think there is a right answer. Opinions are divided because experiences are divided. I’ve seen for myself that trends can both help and hurt your chances of getting published.

To find out how trends helped and hurt my books, and how I approach writing to trends now, read the rest of The Truth about Trends at Lena’s blog. I’d love to hear your own experiences, there or here, too!

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