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Virtual launch party reminder

The Way We Fall is out tomorrow! Woohoo! Which means it’s virtual party time. :D The fun’s going to start tomorrow morning and continue through the day.

How the virtual launch party will work:

At approximately 9am EST, I’ll put up the launch party post here on the blog. The post will include links to the various party “rooms” — the signing room, where you can request a signed and personalized bookplate to put in your copy of The Way We Fall; the Q&A room, where you can ask me whatever you want about my books, writing, publishing, etc.; the video room, where you can see me read from The Way We Fall (and I’m hoping to have another video to share as well); and the prize room, where you can grab various goodies! I’ll also be sharing a The Way We Fall survival quiz, which will tell you your chances of surviving a deadly epidemic.

Then, at 8pm EST, I’ll add a link to a chat room where you can come and hang out with me, ask your questions in real time, share your thoughts about the book, and get a chance to win some extra special prizes! The chat will go on until at least 10pm EST — I may extend it on request.

Hoping to see you there!

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