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The first The Way We Fall sequel post

A few readers have been wondering whether The Way We Fall will have a sequel. Indeed it will! In fact, it will have two — it’s the first in a trilogy. (I didn’t actually intend to write a trilogy; it just sort of happened, as I explain here.)

Book 2 is written and edited and with the copyeditor right now. I was just working on the jacket flap copy (i.e., the book description) with my editor yesterday. Now, I’m not going to share that with you yet, because it gives away far too much about the first book. But I can now officially reveal the title!

The second book in the (not-yet-named) trilogy will be called…

The Lives We Lost

(I also know the title to Book 3, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet and probably won’t be until around this time next year. So all I can say is it follows the same pattern of The [noun] We [Verb].)

A few non-spoilery facts about The Lives We Lost:

-It begins with one last brief journal entry, and the rest of the book is in regular first person, from Kaelyn’s point of view.

-The reason it isn’t in journal format is that this book has quite a bit more action than TWWF, and I felt the format wouldn’t work believably with the story.

-The character Kaelyn sees at the end of TWWF plays a major role in this book.

-You will get to see what’s happening outside the island.

I’m so looking forward to getting to share more of Kaelyn’s story with you!

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