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The music of The Way We Fall – “How Far We’ve Come”

I said earlier that I see “Crowd Surf Off A Cliff” as The Way We Fall‘s theme song, and that’s true, but if the unofficial soundtrack has a secondary theme, that would be Matchbox Twenty’s “How Far We’ve Come”:

You could probably say that “Crowd Surf” is the theme of Kaelyn’s personal story, and “How Far” is the theme of the town as a whole. All the different reactions to the increasingly devastating epidemic. The almost upbeat tone of the song makes me think of the initial denial, as people try to believe that everything will be okay and things can’t get any worse, even though underneath they’re terrified (from the lyrics: “I guess we’re going to pretend”).

The chorus addresses what I think is the most important decision each of the townspeople make. “Let’s see how far we’ve come” — are we civilized enough that we’ll stick together and look after each other in the face of tragedy? Or are we going to let ourselves slide back into a more animalistic state, focused only on survival? I wanted to explore how long will people continue doing what’s “right” when they’re pushed to the edge, because I don’t think it’s a blanket decision that society makes at the same time, or that the majority of people everywhere will necessarily make the same decision.

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