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The music of The Way We Fall – “Keep Breathing”

The fourth song on The Way We Fall‘s unofficial soundtrack is Ingrid Michaelson’s “Keep Breathing”:

When I’m making up my soundtrack lists, I try to arrange the songs in approximate chronological order, relative to the story. So “Keep Breathing” is one I associate with the early events. The tone isn’t too dark and gloomy yet. The townspeople are trying to pretend there’s nothing to be worried about (“People are dying, I close my blinds”). Kaelyn wants to help, wants to keep working on being the stronger person she hoped to become, but her father’s trying to keep her home, away from anything dangerous (“I want to change the world/instead I sleep”). And ultimately, without any cure or even a clear idea of what the virus has in store for them, all anyone really can do is wait and keep living, keep breathing.


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