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The Way We Fall Audiobook + giveaway!

Something very exciting arrived at my door the other day: my author copies of the The Way We Fall audiobook from Recorded Books!

The audiobook is unabridged, with the full novel narrated across six CDs, by Sisi Aisha Johnson, who’s also narrated books by Jacqueline Woodson, Sharon M. Draper, and Rita Williams-Garcia. So cool! I also had to squee a little when I saw the CDs are divided into chapters (tracks) with the dates of Kaelyn’s journal entries.

I got four copies, so I figured I can part with two of them right now. Which means, that’s right, it’s time for another giveaway!

Two prize winners will receive one of these audiobooks:

Plus a collection of fun The Way We Fall swag, including a journal, pen, hand sanitizer, and magnet!

To add a twist to the giveaway, I’m going to draw on one of the other major themes in the book: people working together. In The Way We Fall, the characters are working together to survive. You and your friends will work together to win a pair of audiobooks!

Here’s how it works:

Enter your email address (or Facebook info) into the rafflecopter form below, and earn up to seven entries. Then let your blog readers, Facebook friends, and/or Twitter and Tumblr followers know about the giveaway, and, most importantly, ask them to mention you sent them. If you win, you get one of the audiobook prize packs, and the other goes to the person who told you about the giveaway.* Which means that if one of the people you tell about the giveaway wins, you will win the other prize pack. So the more people enter because of you, the more chances you have to win!

Please note that this giveaway is only open to those in the US and Canada. (Unfortunately my mailing costs are getting a little crazy. I promise the next one will be worldwide again!)

That’s all there is to it. Good luck to you and your friends!

If you can't see the form, please visit the post on my WordPress blog to enter.

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*If you heard about the giveaway directly from me, then you get to pick one friend of your choice to receive the other prize pack.

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