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Reader Questions: Colors, celebrations, and bookstores

More reader questions from the audiobook giveaway — a few quick ones together!

What’s your favorite color?

Green. But I am also very fond of blue. As a kid my favorite color was turquoise, which handily combines the two. ;)

How did you celebrate on the day of the release of The Way We Fall?

My husband and I stopped by one of the nearby bookstores on our way to work, so I could see The Way We Fall on the shelves for the first time. And that evening I celebrated with friends and readers in my launch chat! (My husband and I also went out to dinner to celebrate, but we did that the next day so I could do my online launch party on the day of.)

Which section do you directly go when in a bookstore (sales, romance, YA, etc.)?

I have to admit that pretty much the only sections of a bookstore I go into are the YA and MG sections. So of course I go to them first. I do read a fair amount of adult fiction as well, in a variety of genres, but I’m no longer willing to pick up books on a whim (too often burned, too many books I know for sure I want to read that get priority). I follow MG and YA closely enough that I can go into those sections and recognize a lot of the books there (and remember which I’ve seen recommended and want to get). Not so much with any of the adult genres I read. Even nonfiction for research, I usually check reviews online to make sure I’m getting a good source, and so I usually end up buying online too.

And even when I’m not buying, I always like going into the kids/YA section and seeing which of my friends’ books are face out or on the tables so I can squee for them. :)

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