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Reader Question: Writing spaces

Where’s your favourite writing space? Do you have one?

I do have one main writing space. I’m lucky enough that at the moment I’m able to have a whole room of my house devoted to my work, which I generally call my “office.” It’s where I do almost all of my writing, as well as other writing-related activities like posting to this blog (I’m in my office right now), answering emails and interview questions, updating my website, and so on. It’s also where the majority of my and my husband’s books (all of our fiction, and all my MG, YA, and research books) are kept. And when my in-person critique group gets together, we hang out in that room.

I actually have a video tour of my work space up on Youtube, which you can watch there (for a larger size) or here:

Of course I don’t always write there. It’s good to have some flexibility about where you can write, because you won’t always have the ideal circumstances when you need to get to work. We don’t have air conditioning in this house, so in the summer I often take my laptop downstairs and work on the living room couch (it tends to be several degrees cooler on the first floor). And during nice but not too hot weather, I like to sit out on our deck and write. I really enjoy writing outdoors when I can — maybe because it makes me feel more separate from my day-to-day life, which makes it easier to sink into the world of the story. When I’m on a writing retreat I always try to stake out a good outside writing spot. Hoping for less rainy weather here in Toronto soon so I can start doing that more often now!


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