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Preorders and release dates and ARCs, oh my!

I’m briefly breaking my blog silence during my trip because I have more news than I feel like sitting on. :) (Right now I am looking out over the rooftops of Selcuk, in Turkey — it’s a gorgeous view, one I wish I had every time I was posting here!)

1. The Lives We Lost, book 2 in the Fallen World Trilogy, is now available for preorder! You can find it at Amazon and Chapters-Indigo, and I expect the indies will have it put before too long. The Amazon link also has the short version of the jacket flap copy — I’ll share the longer version when I have permission, as well as the cover.

2. Canadians can preorder the paperback of The Way We Fall from Chapters-Indigo if they so wish. I’m not sure why this isn’t up elsewhere yet, but presumably it will be soon. There is no cover up with this listing, but as far as I know it should be the same as the hardcover’s.

3. Because of the above, we now have tentative release dates! If Amazon and Chapters-Indigo are correct, The Way We Fall will be out in paperback January 8, 2013, and The Lives We Lost on February 12. Please note, though, that these dates are still a long way off and may be adjusted.

4. Finally — The Lives We Lost ARCs are now in existence! I’m not sure when they will start being made available to reviewers (anyone at BEA want to check the Hyperion booth and let me know if they’re there?), but they have been printed, and my mom (who is collecting my mail while I’m away) has let me know that my copies arrived yesterday. You know what that means? When I get back, I think a giveaway will be in order…

More on that in two weeks!

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