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Fallen World Street Team assemble!

A new year is upon us! The Way We Fall comes out in paperback with its lovely updated cover in less than a week, and the second book in the trilogy, The Lives We Lost, will be out in a little more than a month. Which means it’s time for me to call the Fallen World trilogy fans to action!

Many of you awesome people have already joined my street team, and will be receiving the list of street team activities shortly. But there’s always room for more! Readers from all around the world are welcome. If you’d like to sign up for the Fallen World Street Team, just enter your email address in the form below.

If you need extra incentive beyond a love for the books, here it is. The two people who complete the most street team activities, and two street teamers chosen by random draw, will receive the following prize pack:

-Signed hardcover of The Lives We Lost, with five notes (different in each copy) giving background about what’s going on in the story, info on why I made the choices I did, or other behind the scenes secrets.
-Signed paperback of The Way We Fall.
-Signed hardcover of Give Up the Ghost.
-A short excerpt from the beginning of Book 3. (not pictured)
-A The Way We Fall journal and pen.
-A survival pack including hand sanitizer, a water bottle, and a mini first aid kit.
-An iTunes giftcard you can use to buy songs from the unofficial soundtracks, or any other music to keep you going on long journeys. (not pictured–ecard)

Of course, I want to show my thanks to all my street teamers. So all active street team members will receive a signed bookplate, bookmark, and magnet, and have their names added to a thank you list on my website (unless you’d rather not)!

And street teamers get extra entries in future giveaways, as well as first dibs on new ARCs and donations to giveaways on their own blogs.

Sound good to you? You have until February 26th to join in! Sign up and I’ll send you the activity list ASAP. :)

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