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Launch recap

Had a most excellent night yesterday, celebrating the launch of The Lives We Lost with family and friends! For those who weren’t able to make it to the party, here’s a quick reconstruction (with much gratitude to Debbie Ridpath Ohi for her photography skills)…

When entering No One Writes To The Colonel, you would immediately have been met by this wonderful display of my books (even Give Up the Ghost was on hand), courtesy of the Bakka-Phoenix Books (big thanks to Chris and Rob!):

And you would have found this lovely area at the back of the bar. Such a gorgeous space!

I did a short talk and reading (trying not to be too spoilery for the few who hadn’t read the first book yet):

And then Scott from the Highlands Wilderness Training Institute came up to discuss some key survival strategies in the case of a real apocalypse, including how to purify water using a beer can stove and a fire started with hand sanitizer (who knew it was so multipurpose?):

I signed many books, including this one, very slowly, so Debbie could get a good picture :) :

Thanks so much to everyone who did make it! Looking forward to doing it again for book 3 in a year!

And if you’re in Toronto and want to grab a signed copy of The Lives We Lost and/or the The Way We Fall paperback, head on over to Bakka-Phoenix — but make it soon, before the signed copies are all picked up!

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