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Computer dependency

Do you ever get peeved that there's so much you can only do with a computer? I spend so much time on the transit and sometimes it's frustrating because I want to be writing or working on stuff for school. I can do rough drafts longhand, but at some point it just has to go electronic. Granted, I guess we do have an advantage over 50 years ago. It is, after all, much easier to take a laptop on the bus than a typewriter. But still.

Nevertheless, I have passed the 200 page mark. *sighs in relief* God, I can't wait to have this draft done... so I can go back and edit it to pieces.

Funny, I recognize rewriting as a necessary part of the process for me, but I think most of the time I enjoy editing more. It lets me focus in on the sentence level stuff which I think is my biggest weakness at this point. Polish, polish, polish. And to think I hate housework.


To bed I go.

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