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Breaking news: New trilogy!

I’ve been getting asked more and more in the last few months, “What’s next after the Fallen World trilogy?” And I’ve had to keep saying, “I hope I can share some news soon!” Well, soon is now here! I am incredibly excited to announce that not long after you have all the Fallen World books in your hands, I’ll be sharing a new trilogy with you. :) The deal announcement:

Miriam Juskowicz at Amazon Children’s Publishing’s Skyscape imprint acquired world English rights (excluding Canada), and Lynne Missen at Razorbill/Penguin Canada acquired Canadian rights, in a three-book deal for Megan Crewe’s Earth & Sky, a romantic SF adventure about a girl who discovers that visitors from beyond the stars have been altering Earth’s history, and she teams up with an alien rebel to save the world as she knows it. Publication will begin in fall 2014. Josh Adams at Adams Literary was the agent.

Consider this my contribution to increasing the amount of non-dystopian YA science fiction out there. Time travel! Aliens! Space technology! And a both smart and kick-ass protagonist named Skylar. I am so looking forward to introducing her to you.

One other thing I can tell you: the details haven’t been finalized yet, but you can expect there to be less wait between the books in this trilogy than usual!

It’s going to be a while before I have a lot of official information to pass on, but in the meantime, for the curious…

I offered a brief excerpt from the first chapter of book 1 in this Facebook meme (note: may change in editorial revisions).

I’ve been tagging posts for trilogy inspiration with “sky” on Tumblr.

And here are the two playlist songs I’ve had on repeat the most while writing the first book, which capture the main dynamics in the story quite well, I think:

Want to make sure you stay in the loop for Earth & Sky news, including opportunities to win advance copies and other fun stuff? I’m starting a new mailing list to keep avid readers in the loop:


Any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments; I just can’t promise I can answer them. ;)

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