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Earth & Sky Live Chat – December 3rd!

Hey Earth & Sky readers! I’m scheduling a live chat on Wednesday December 3rd from 8-9pm EST (may go later if there’s enough interest). As with the launch party, I’ll be posting a link to the chat room here on my blog and on the Facebook event page (where you can RSVP if you so desire) shortly before the chat starts.

I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions about Earth & Sky. I’m also open to sharing some info about what’s to come in books 2 and 3. And you can chat with fellow readers as well, of course!

Since this chat is specifically for discussing the book, the conversation may contain spoilers for Earth & Sky. So if you’d like to join in but having finished reading yet, you’ve got a week and a half to get on it! :)

Available in stores and online at:
Amazon ~ Chapters/Indigo ~ B&N ~ Powells ~ BookDepository (international)

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