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Now taking swag requests!

Hey readers! I get a lot of requests for bookmarks and the like, so I’ve decided to set up a swag request system that’ll allow any reader who can send a self-addressed stamped envelope to ask for (and receive!) whatever swag they desire — subject to availability, of course.

It’s very simple. Just fill out my swag request form, and send it and your SASE to the address given there. Your swag should reach you in no more than two months (probably sooner).

Please note that because I am in Canada, this offer is restricted to Canadian readers and those in countries where it is possible to purchase an international reply coupon for return postage. If you live in a country that does not offer IRCs and wish to receive book swag, email me and we may be able to find a workable option.

As always, if you are a blogger, bookseller, librarian, or other book professional and would like to request a batch of bookmarks or other swag to hand out, please email me to discuss.

Hope the swag collectors among you enjoy! 😀

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