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Enjoying the silence

It's a strange sensation. I'm sitting here at my desk, and all I can hear (when I stop typing) is the hum of my computer and a distant whir of cars passing by on the main street across the block. No brother shuffling back and forth in the hall. No TV babbling downstairs. No parents venting about the evils of their jobs. Why... I can almost hear myself think. As soon as I'm done writing this, I can go downstairs and make a quick banana split without being waylaid. I can sit and stew over that new story idea without being bugged for my antisocial tendencies. Oh, the possibilities!

It's so much easier to concentrate on something, anything, in the still and silence. How can you let your work absorb you when every creak of the stairs signals a potential visitor, and movie-of-the-week explosions infiltrate every fictional atmosphere? I get along just fine with my family, but I can't say I'm worse for having spent the last week without them. Granted, most of that concentration has gone to scanning articles and composing essays.

If they would just arrange these vacations for times when I'm not swamped with school work, I might be able to put this productivity to better use. But alas, no such luck. They return tomorrow morning, and I still have three weeks to go.

I suppose it's for the better. Someone needs to restock the fridge soon. Even harder to write on an empty stomach than in a full house.

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