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Finished outlining the new novel idea this morning. Intend to start writing it this evening. Am having trouble working myself up to it. I don't hesitate too much with my writing, but there's often a moment right before I dive in where I'm scared it'll just come out all wrong.

Probably what I will do is let my mind wander until I come up with the perfect line to start it, and the rest will come from there.

The current project: older MG science fiction novel called The Nines. Current outline has it at 17 chapters; I'm aiming for about 40,000 words. The plan is to get this (or something else, if this doesn't end up grabbing) done by the end of January/early February, and then to have the final Signi edit done by the end of February. After which there will be much querying of agents, and editing of whatever I've gotten done in January, and probably a draft of the second Signi book before the end of the year, and I don't know what else.

I'll post the opening paragraph(s) from The Nines when I get them and if I like 'em enough to share. ;)

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