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I have no idea what my word count for today is, as I've been writing by hand. But I did finish the second chapter of Bad Luck Boy, which I suspect on rewriting is going to become merged with the first. It's weird writing for a younger age group. There are certain things about story-telling and word play and all that stuff that I know how to do, at least partly, in more "mature" writing, but which doesn't apply here. It's like learning how to tell a story all over again. But it's fun, too. That's what's important, right? :)

So nice to be able to make an actual writing update again, on something new. I feel kind of guilty that I don't have more short stories out there... but I've never really been a short story writer. I don't enjoy reading them for the most part, and half the time I'm really trying to shove a novella/novel-length plot into a short. I like the long, drawn-out roller coaster ride far better than the quick punch. It just feels harder to get started with novels. Takes so long to get just one done right.

Nevertheless, I'm pretty hopeful that I'll get Signi in tip-top shape. I haven't felt this optimistic about a novel... ever.

For tomorrow--finish at least two more chapters of Bad Luck Boy before work and on Subway, then relax with my wonderful boy.

And the good news I said I might have to report has not fallen through, it just hasn't come one way or the other yet.

*crosses fingers*

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