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To tired to think of a good title

Finished editing the first three chapters of Signi. Actually, that should be "finished". I will go over them at least once more. These are the ones the agents will be seeing. Must polish them all shiny-shiny. ;)

Any of my readers interested in having a gander at them and letting me know how they shaped up with the changes? (Or new readers wanting to gander at them at all?)

I had a lovely brainstorm that fit several pieces together. Story no longer takes so long to get to the good stuff. Important character is introduced much earlier. Motivations are made more clear. Less important (for this book) characters have introductions mitigated to later chapters. Oh, and Peter's not quite so much of a Mr. Perfect. I discovered his inner geek. Heh.

While these were the chapters with the most changes, they were also in some ways the easiest changes to make (because what was wrong was pretty clear). Tomorrow I'm going to sit down and go over my critiques again, and figure out what little changes I'm going to have to make in the rest of this thing.

My brain hurts! But in a good way.


P.S. I notice I've accumulated a number of new Friends. Feel free to introduce yourselves and make known how you stumbled upon this part of the world wild web.

P.P.S. I finished Perdido Street Station today. Am no longer quite so impressed. First half is so damn good, but it falters toward the end. *sighs* My search for the perfect book will continue.

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