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Just a quick update because I feel guilty for neglecting the journal. :P


"Hack" is going to appear in the Dark Elation anthology. Thanks to larah33 for pointing out the anthology to our writers group! I was starting to think I'd never find a home for this almost-novelette.

On Spec has sent the payment for "Seven Years" (advance payment! I'm still reeling from the shock) but has yet to inform me which issue it will be appearing in. At least I know they must be pretty darn sure they want it. ;)

Intense thesis work and a week's illness have put me behind on Signi edits. About halfway through. Thesis should be all but done in a week and then I'll be able to throw all my energy into the novel.

Attending a SF writer's conference next weekend with the writers group and the boy. Should be fun, and perhaps informative, too.

Have received raise at work and so of course purchased new books. Also picked up super-cheap books at Good Will and library book sale. Plus got some old ('50s) issues of F&SF with Bradbury and the like, for 25 cents a piece. Huzzah!

Chris and I are very well settled in our apartment. You ever have that feeling that you're exactly where you're supposed to be? Well, that's how I feel here. Can't wait until the weather warms up a bit more and then we'll take the fuzzies (or "the kids", as Chris likes to call them) down to the park for a look around.

So, all around, happy happy happy. With even more happiness to come when the damned thesis is behind me.


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