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Birthing clay

'bout halfway through the new story. It feels weird to be writing something that's not Signi. The last thing I wrote that wasn't Signi was "The Alien and the Tree", and that was back in the fall.

Working on something new is scary, too. For me at least, the initial drafting is the rawest part of the writing process. If rewriting and editing are like shaping a lump of clay, then the first drafting is spitting up that clay. I never know what it'll scrape on the way out, or whether it might emerge missing a vital organ or horribly deformed. But now I'm mixing my metaphors: first draft as giving birth.

Which makes me wonder, now, how do men conceptualize their creativity? Women have always been the ones who give birth, literally and symbolically (in how many cultures do the people call on an Earth Mother to bring the life-giving rains while the womenfolk tend the crops?). So it seems natural, as a woman, to think of storytelling as birthing, producing life from within. Does the process feel more external for a guy, more like constructing than like bringing forth? Or is there a sort of understanding of pushing out a new being from inside that all humans carry, whatever their gender.

(If that makes sense to any of the men reading, or any of the women reading who know men artists, feel free to attempt an answer.)

My apologies for the philosophical turn this entry has taken. The muse can be a pretentious snot when the mood strikes her.

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