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Progress and titles

Finally finished the first chapter of the Bad Luck Boy draft. By far the hardest of the seven as I was combining two chapters into one, plus dealing with a bunch of info-dumping I'd done but had to smooth out in the rewriting. I'm sure the rest will go much more quickly, but I'm feeling my lack of experience writing for kids this young. Thus, coming with me for bus-reading tomorrow are Beverly Cleary, Roald Dahl, and Edward Eager. :)

I've also discovered that there is already a children's book out there called Bad Luck Boy, though it doesn't appear to be very well known. A conundrum! Should I change the title, or hope it doesn't matter. I'll have to meditate on that further.

Lots of helpful feedback on "Supplanting" from the group today, but I think it's going to sit a while (at least until Bad Luck Boy is done and polished) before I get around to fiddling with it. At least I'm feeling decently hopeful about it becoming what I want it to be.

No word as yet from agents.

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