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Zipping right along

Two more chapters done on Bad Luck Boy rewrite. About halfway through, and it's currently 4000 words. So a short early middle grade. Here's hoping there'll be a market for this baby. *huggles book*

Continuing to feel insecure about writing it. Even when I thought I was writing adult novels as a teen, I was really writing the same way I write YA, so while Signi had its challenges, it was a process I understood and had done many times before. This... I have to keep questioning how I'm structuring it and what content I include and which words to use. I'll feel much better when I can get a little feedback on it.

The plan is to have this draft done by Tuesday before I leave for a short trip to a friend's cottage. Then can let the muse spend the cottage trip musing about what I'll take on next. It seems to want to do an older MG book, but hasn't settled on an idea yet. Very selective, it is.

Two stories out at publications well past their posted response times. Unfortunately, both were e-mail subs before I lost my former server. I e-mailed both to let them know of the change, but didn't hear from either. I'll query again in a couple of weeks if it stays quiet.

Let's hope no news is good news.

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