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The muse in music

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore music? I don't think so. Frustrated with burnt-out numb creative-brain, so put on one of my inspiration CDs (I have two, one instrumental, one lyrical, both mp3 so containing much music each) and lay down to listen. Within twenty minutes, Loki's boy was chattering away to me as if he'd never gone dumb. Here's hoping he doesn't shut up any time soon.

For the curious, the contents of my instrumental inspiration CD:
David Arkenstone
Tangerine Dream
Yoko Kanno
Lisa Germano
Cirque du Soleil
Philip Glass
and tracks from the soundtracks to Labyrinth, Xenogears, Parasite Eve, Serial Experiments Lain, Braveheart, Lost Highway, Heathers, and Revolutionary Girl Utena

Missing some of my newer instrumental stuff, but still pretty damn good. :)

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