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Just when you least expect it

So I go to check my e-mail this morning, and there's a message regarding a recent submission. Oh well, I think. Another rejection. *opens it, reads* "Congratulations! Your story, 'Possession', has been accepted..."

Bouncing off the walls would not be accurate. I am sitting quite still. It's my mind that's doing all the ecstatic acrobatics. And there's a lot of grinning involved, too. Heee!

*attempts to be more serious*

So, anyway, the details:

"Possession" is going to be published by Peridot Books in their May 2003 issue. Not pro, but paying. They're even sending me a contract. That'll be a first. I'll have to make a copy of it for memorabilia's sake. :D

*mind bounds off again*

The site will be updated at some later point when I'm able to focus for more than two seconds at a time.

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