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Ink on the keyboard

It's funny how what you're writing with or on can sometimes feel just as important to writing well as, well, what's in your head. I've been writing via pen-and-paper for the last couple months, and now I have this sudden urge to return to the laptop. (I can no longer write rough drafts on the desktop computer, and have been unable to for a couple of years now. Don't ask why. The muse is silent on the matter.) Unfortunately, the laptop has decided to be dead. So I've found a used one of the same model for much cheapness, but it must come by mail. Impatience. :P

I've tried writing in my notebook, but it's just not working right now. Beats me why. Sometimes I just need to see the story unfolding in print to really understand how it's coming together, and ink-on-paper just seems too... sticky, and sloppy, and... inaccurate, or something like that.

Perhaps this laptop-lackage will force me to edit the few pieces hanging around that require editing.

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