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OT: Fresh cherries + blueberry yogurt = yum!

Currently re-writing Bad Luck Boy (this would be the third draft, for anyone keeping track). Think I've figured out ways to fix all the problems that were pointed out, and some that weren't. Anyone interested in giving it a read-through when the draft is done (probably in the next few days)? :)

I think once I've got it polished up, I'm going to start sending it out to agents. Seems to me it has a better chance of hooking someone than Signi, if only because a) Signi's basic premise sounds similar to many other YA books, and b) Signi is the beginning of a series.

Have also, in the last three days, read George's Marvelous Medicine (Roald Dahl), The Mouse and His Child (Russell Hoban), and Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great (Judy Blume) to get me in the MG mood.

Feels good to be doing stuff. Productive stuff, that is. Nothing sinks the mood like behaving like a slug.

To add to my good spirits, I received a phone call today to follow up on a complaint I sent to the city transit commission about an awful driver Chris and I had the ill fortune to share a bus with on the weekend. Incredibly quick follow-up, and I was told my letter is being forwarded to the supervisory committee so they can have a chat with said driver. Hurray for making some small difference in the world! ;)

Now I am going to go eat some of the yummy hummus Chris made last night and relax a bit before diving back into the book. Hurray for culinarily-talented boyfriends!

Keep your fingers crossed for laptop arriving soon, 'kay?

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