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And the adaptation goes to...

Yes, I freely admit it--I joined half of the known world in watching the Oscars Sunday night. Even spec fic writers are allowed to be pedestrian every now and then. ;) Besides, it's great famous-people-watching. And the tears!

Maybe it's just that I'm jaded, but I'm always surprised to see how emotional the winners get. They're sniffling and choking out words and I'm thinking, heck, it's just a molded lump of gold something-or-other, and a kind of cheesy-looking lump at that. Especially with the acting awards, most of the time it's more about who's most popular, not who gave the best performance, which you'd think would degrade the honour of winning it somewhat.

Yeah, yeah, it's the symbol of the thing.

So what's the symbol of the thing for writers? What would it take to make you weep for joy? Any of us in the genre realms know better than to hope for Pulitzer Prizes and the like (because, of course, everyone knows genre fiction can't be "literary" *coughs*orwellhuxleybradburyatwood*coughs*), and so far I've not yet anyone longing for Hugos and Nebulas. Not that they'd turn them away, y'know, but it's not the sort of thing people seem to lie awake fantasizing about. You imagine your book coming out, and it soars up the best-seller list, the public raving over it, the great reviews rolling in, the calls for interviews, and...

Do we fill in the blank the same way? I'm penciling in "requests for the movie rights". Well then, roll out the red carpet, here we are back at the Oscars again.

It seems sad that many writers's most frequent daydream is seeing their stories on screen. I guess, these days, words are often not enough.

Sometimes you've gotta say to yourself, They're what I have, so I'm going to do all I damn well can with them.

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