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Top Ten Inopportune Moments To Get That Great Story Idea

-when you're in an important lecture in a room small enough that the prof can easily notice what you're doing

-when you're exhausted and you've just started to relax enough to fall asleep, and your notebook's across the room

-when you're squished in the middle of a concert crowd, so that you'd have to poke about half a dozen people to get to your bag for pen and paper

-when you're driving to work and you left a little late, so if you make a stop you'll be really late

-when you've just stepped into the shower and started to soap up your hair


Okay, I don't have ten (and those probably aren't the top ones, either)--maybe some of you can add to the list. But those above are all from my life in the last seven days.

You know it's been too long since you worked on a story when every stray thought or comment turns into prose.

Just one more essay to go...

Tags: bitten by a great idea, inspiration

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