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Been watching the Mythos series of Joseph Campbell lectures--fascinating stuff. He's a great speaker, lots of humour and very down to earth. Wish I could have seen him live. Much gratitude to the public library system here for having several copies of all ten volumes in the series-so-far (apparently only half of it has been released--I want all, dammit!). I also put the 1952 version of The Importance of Being Ernest on hold there. It's one of my favourite plays and Chris has never seen it, but that is a travesty soon to be rectified.

Going book shopping tomorrow for one of the boys I work with. 8 years old but can't handle anything more than fairly easy chapter books (we're reading Bunnicula right now and I think that's his upper limit). Particularly likes: gross (esp. potty) humour, dogs (yes, he's already read Walter), vehicles (cars, helicopters, etc.), fans (don't ask), and plays on words (alliteration, puns, and so on). Any suggestions from the librarians, parents, and children's lit readers among you?

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