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In Memory Of status report: 17,800 words. I guess that makes me about a third of the way through. So that makes this the beginning of the dreaded middle-of-the-book. To tell you the truth, I'm looking forward to this stuff. I have a feeling it's going to be the ending that's the killer.

Had an idea for a kids non-fiction book yesterday which has been gnawing at me since. I hadn't really considered non-fic, but I checked and no one's covered this topic yet, plus I've got a solid background for it. And I think it'd be fun. Not sure yet whether I'll try to work on this in parallel with IMO or wait until I have a gap, though. Have to figure out the technical stuff, too--like, how does one source things in kids non-fic (I've never seen one with footnotes). I don't suppose anyone knows any sites that cover that sort of thing?

Coming to the end of nine straight days of work (Tuesday cannot come soon enough). Reminder to self: stop taking so many extra shifts.

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