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What's in a name?

Checked the mail before I headed off to work this morning, and--woohoo! The contract from Peridot Books is now residing on my desk. All looks well except a minor issue of last name spelling... The second "e" has gone a-walking, probably over to the nearest alphabet pub where it can drown its abandonment issues in some frothy mug. I can't really blame them, because even my university and my high school were constantly forgetting it. At least they got my first name right. An extra "a" or "h" and I could not have been held responsible for what havoc I might have wrecked. After all, it wouldn't have been me, but some barbarous amazon by the name of Meagan Crew; not at all a sort of person with whom I would associate (though I hear she's kickass with a railgun).

Will correct the name on the contract and add a note when I send it back to politely remind them to spell it right on the site. More flies with honey...



Mar. 29th, 2003 02:59 pm (UTC)
I have a problem when people misspell my middle name. I go by my full name -- Peter Padraic O'Sullivan -- for my writing simply because it seems a little more distinctive than just Peter O'Sullivan. As I was once told in a poetry workshop: "With a name like that, you can't be anything other than a poet." Or writer ...

Still, this hasn't kept the world from mangling my middle name. Never mind that no one knows how to pronounce my middle name in the first place. (I pronounce it "Pad-rik" but in a proper brogue it's pronounced "Pawd-rig") Most people pronounce it "Pad-RAY-ik."

About four years ago I entered a short digital film contest on ZDTV (now TechTV) and my film made finalist in the short story competition. I entered it under the name Peter Padraic O'Sullivan. There must have been a typo when they were setting up the announcement cards, because the night of the televised awards, when the announcer was reading off the finalists in my category I hear this: "Canto: the Human Comedy. Peter 'Pad-ree-ock' O'Sullivan." I had my middle name mangled on national television. So now it irks me no end to see the A and the I transposed on my middle name, because I hear in my head "Pad-ree-ock."

I had a point, but it got lost.

Oh, yeah. I hate when people misspell my name.

Mar. 30th, 2003 02:09 pm (UTC)
Oh dear. *sympathizes* Well, I knew how to pronounce it. There's a Bright Eyes song called "Padraic My Prince" and he says it "Pad-rik", so I just assumed that was the right way. But if I hadn't heard it I probably would have thought it was "Pad-ray-ik".

But "Pad-ree-ock"? *raises eyebrow*

Of course, we have none of us so much to complain about as my friend Maja. It's pronounced "My-ah" but *everyone* who sees it in print thinks it's either "Ma-jah" or "Ma-ha". And you can bet no one who hears it spells it right.

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