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All in a day's work

Spent that last three hours re-writing the "frozen" story. (I still don't like any of the possible titles I've thought of. May just leave it as "The Frozen".) Couldn't tear myself away from it long enough to take a break. It's such a relief to get into a story! Plus, I'm really, incredibly happy with all of it. All of it except the end. :P It's a tricky scene of mostly internal conflict and revelation. How you make that both subtle and engaging I'm not entirely sure. I certainly intend to put every effort into figuring it out.

Had hoped to have a workable draft to post here as a friends only thing, but I think the end needs at least another full reworking before there's any point in opening it to feedback. Should get that done within the next week, and then a few of you may have the enjoyment of picking through this lovely mess I've made myself, if you so wish. And an excerpt will be up on the site for everyone else.

For now, I think I need to hibernate a few days. All writing and no rest makes Megan a brain-dead girl.

Tags: bitten by a great idea, revision, short stories, writing

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