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Been doing a lot of brainstorming and outlining and attempting to thread pieces together, mostly with the MG series that's been riding me for a while now, henceforth referred to here as Whichway. Yesterday before writer's group I actually wrote story for the first time in... I don't know. At least a month. About a page. Nothing fantastic. I didn't want to push and kill it. Tonight I'm wiped from a work meeting plus more work, so I think it'll be a brain holiday, but I hope to make a little progress tomorrow.

Interesting narrative strategy: I decided that although Whichway is third person, it's not going to be the voice of me narrating it. I think I'm going to write it as if one of the minor characters were telling what was happening, without acknowledging that he's in the story. Makes it a lot easier to flavour the prose for me, if I can imagine a specific character telling it. As a further prompt, I considered which public persona (an actor in this case) would best fit the character, and dug up some appropriate images of him with google.

On the flip side, I find it helpful to imagine who the story would be told to. Bad Luck Boy, for example, was written how I would have told it to one of the boys I work with.

I think with Whichway I'm going to have to be considering both. So I guess the character will be telling it to someone (perhaps the same kid) in my head, and I'll be the transcriber. Ah, fun with balancing acts.

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