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Haven't updated in a while, due to busy-ness and head-fogginess, and one other rather important reason...

Yes, we've added to the menagerie. :D Let me introduce you to Hazel, the lovely orange tabby (girl, 6 months old, former stray adopted from the city Animal Services), and Fiver, the crazy-cuddly black cat (boy, 9 weeks, unwanted kitten adopted from veterinary clinic). Fiver looks enormous because he was closer to the camera, but really he's only about 1/3 Hazel's size. Don't ask me if they mind being named after rabbits--we'll just have to keep them out of the room the next time we watch Watership Down. ;)

I've been missing having furry purry creatures around. As much as I love the ferrets, I have to admit they're not the most affectionate of fuzzies.

Naturally, I had to re-read Watership Down as soon as we named Fiver (who got here first). I've out-grown a lot of fantasy since the 8th grade, when I first read it, but it's still a damn good, and gripping, book. Now am reading the current draft of deva_fagan's Obsidian Shield and scribbling lots of hopefully helpful and encouraging comments in the margins.

More news when there is news to be shared.

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