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P.S. for the kitty fans

Fiver continues to be crazy and to attempt to eat my hair at any opportunity (Chris had to dislodge him last night while I was sleeping). But he is so cute that we don't mind. Plus he has this lovely habit of purring loudly the second anyone pets, talks to, or so much as looks at him in a friendly sort of way.

Hazel is now guaranteed pregnancy-free and has a pretty shaved belly. Loves to be around us, but not too close for too long. Much fond of the windows. Much less with the sad-looking.

When I went by the animal services office to drop off these rebate coupons they give you when you adopt (for the vet check and rabies shot and stuff), the guy remembered me ("You adopted a cat from us!"). I guess they don't get to do too many adoptions. :( And there are so many beautiful kitties there.

And due to the bizarre nature of Livejournal, my P.S. will be above my entry.

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