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One first draft of fantasy story done. It is probably extremely crappy, as 1) I have not written high fantasy in at least a couple of years, 2) I have never written a story primarily intended to be humorous, and 3) it is from the point of view of a very inarticulate individual, which will require a delicate balance of voice and readability I am sure cannot be achieved when roughing.

Ah, but that is was revisions are for. :)

Have already written the first few lines of the other humorous fantasy story I am inspired to attempt. There is also a flash idea I will probably take a shot at, but only after these ones are done. And at some point in there, I need to fiddle with my demonology-affair story (...it's difficult to explain...).

Woohoo! The creative wheels are turning. Give me another month or two, and Whichway will be on its way.

Tags: bitten by a great idea, short stories

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