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Typed up 1st comedic fantasy story (henceforth to be known as the 'great rebellion' story), second draft, then a little additional editing. Still afraid the voice is way too irritating. I laughed out loud a few times while I was typing up. Is that a bad sign, of self-indulgence or something?

*fret fret fret*

(I suppose this is a natural consequence of stretching one's abilities, no?)

Also finished roughing out the second kids article, and wrote up roughs of two more activities, which means I've spent all my current ideas and now must start attempting to edit them down (how am I supposed to explain a craft in, like, fifty words. *grrr*).

And we now have everything we need for our new computer set-up... except for the new computer. *taps foot impatiently at Apple*

Tags: nonfiction, revision, short stories, style and voice

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