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Not much new on the writing front since Saturday. Oh wait, that's not entirely true. I re-outlined In Memory Of, which feels a little clearer to me than Whichway right now, so I may see if I can get it written all the way through.

But everything else has been distracted by the arrival of the NEW COMPUTER!!!!! (heh) I am now writing off my Mac Mini (Chris has confiscated the eMac) with lovely flat screen monitor. *loves* And now that I don't have that hulk of a computer on my desk, I've cleared it off and have room for my crafty stuff if I slide the monitor to the side. Yay!

No time to work on anything yet, though, 'cause the computer gave me hell for the first 12 hours of its presence (in particular, it is not a fan of the OSX 10.4.2 update, so we are just running on straight Tiger for now). Now I must leave for work (thankfully, taking place in air conditioning. uh, I am so melting), and then Chris and I are checking out one of the Fringe plays. Don't know if they have Fringe in the US, but a bunch of Canadian and British cities do Fringe Festivals every year, where plays are randomly chosen out of hundreds submitted, so nobody's personal taste comes into it. Which means some are godawful, but some are pretty damn cool and would never otherwise be seen. I just wish it wasn't all squeezed into 12 days--as it is, we can only fit in 2-3 each year. :(

Anyway, I am off to the air conditioning. *relieved sigh*

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