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In Memory Of: 1250 words, 1st chapter and a bit of the 2nd written. Yay me!

I looked over the earlier draft beforehand so I could print out any parts I thought I might want to use in the new version, and was pleasantly surprised to find that there's quite a bit I like about that draft. Some of the writing is actually--gasp!--halfway decent. Maybe even very good. Which makes me feel a lot more confident about this draft. The only issue now will be finding the time. I'm working crazy hours the next three weeks. Nevertheless, I will write every day, dammit. I just won't always be writing here about that writing. :)

The Dresden Dolls CD is so the soundtrack for this book. Not so much because it relates to the content, but because it's exactly the sort of thing my main character would listen to.

So much I want to do, so much I have to do to keep me fed and sheltered while I do that other stuff. :P

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