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So it finally occurred to me to check for reviews of "Horns"... Obviously it has been too long since I had a story in a magazine anyone would bother reviewing! In any case, I rather quickly came across a mention in Tangent.

Someone called my prose "masterful". That, like, totally makes my day.

BTW, I ended up receiving a few extra copies of the issue of Brutarian that has "Horns". Anyone want one? (First two people to ask, here or by e-mail, I'll send one to for free. I'll even sign the story if you want. Heh.)

I have to say, it's really weird seeing someone write about me as an author. I still don't think I have a writerly name. But dammit, if I change it, no one's going to know it's me! It'll just have to become writerly, or something.

In Memory Of is at 7000 words as of yesterday, more to come today. I have a couple of cool ideas for a writer's resource-y type website, so I'm going to fiddle around with MySQL a bit. And I just realized that because it's been two months since I sent my story to the Thou Shalt Not anthology, either it's being seriously considered for publication, or it never got there.

*crosses fingers*

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