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Bye-bye cold. Hello muse.

In Memory Of now at 11,775 words. And chapter six is finally done. Chapter six is the first long chapter. (I can never make my chapters even. There are always those ones that insist that they are Very Important and must go on about their Very Important events for twice as long as any of the others. Which is fine, because otherwise my novels would probably be too short.)

Tomorrow is an Absolutely No Work day, so I am looking forward to increasing that word count by rather a lot. And sometime in the afternoon or evening Chris and I will catch a movie, probably the Bill Murray one that came out a few weeks ago. Because Bill Murray is cool. (Really, do you need any more reason than that?)

And now, as my reward for spending the last two hours writing, I will watch the last half an hour of "Once More With Feeling" on my computer (the first 15 I watched on the TV, but then the episode had an error the DVD-player didn't want to fast-forward through). Positive reinforcement, people! :D

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