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This must be my lucky month. Son and Foe is publishing "The Alien and the Tree" in their first issue. Hip hip hooray! :D

In other news, because I have been neglecting this journal--In Memory Of is just past 23,000 words, which is about halfway (I've got 10 chapters out of 20, but then, the later chapters tend to get longer than the earlier chapters). No major snags so far. Obviously it's not getting done in August, but, all things considered, I think I can accept that. After this week I'm going to be working all late afternoons, so I should get plenty of writing done early on in the day, which is when I write best anyway.

I've been sorting out my plans for working as a writer. 2-3 hours every day for the fiction, and 1-2 for articles and other freelancing stuff. I've already got a couple of rough children's articles written up, so that'll be where I'll start. And at the same time, I'm going to dive into my non-fiction reading and get going with my self-education.

I'm thinking of going back to uni to get an English degree in addition to my psych. Good background for any writer, I'm sure, but especially if I'm going to be expanding the sort of things I'm writing. I already have five English courses under my belt, so I could do it in one year full time or two years part time easily enough. But I do not need to decide about that until March or sometime around there, 'cause it's too late for this year.

And I've run out of things to say.

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