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Freelancing Report, Day One

8am-9:30am: Woke up. Made breakfast and watched news while eating it. Continued watching news after finished breakfast, waiting for promised Katrina updates, in the end merely learning how to help my unconceived children buy back-to-school clothes. Felt rather annoyed. Showered, dressed, called doctor's office to make appointment for prescription renewal (must ensure children remain unconceived, for now).

9:30am-12pm: Writing rough draft of In Memory Of (all rough draft writing takes place on the laptop, in the official Writing Chair--the one habit I have managed to cultivate before now). Didn't finish chapter 11, as hoped, but did leave it on a handy cliff-hanger so jumping back in shouldn't be too painful. Produced 1,325 new words, bringing the total up to 26,573.

12pm-1:30pm: Took internet break (I may not turn on the desktop, internet-connected computer until I've gotten my first chunk of writing time in. At which point I check e-mail accounts, LJ friends list, and noodle around a bit). Took lunch break. Wrote up August invoices for the "real" job.

1:30pm-2:30pm: Went over list of magazines I want to check out (and possibly pitch stories to), and the library branches I can find them at. Figured out, with the aid of the library website, which branches are way to far to bother going to. Made up a list of the twelve branches that have the most magazines each and are the closest, noting which wanted magazines they have. Considered tomorrow's schedule, wrote down a plan to visit four of those branches during this time slot. I'm hoping the library with have some older copies of the magazines for sale, so I can have permanent references.

2:30pm-8pm: Bused to "real" job. Tried to figure out short story idea which has been refusing to grow beyond premisehood. Failed. Worked three hour shift, got back on bus. Finally figured out some plot-like developments that could spring from said premise--had to look at it from the right angle. Scribbled merrily in ever-present (and rather tattered) notebook. Hopped off bus to get groceries, staggered back on bus with groceries. Wished for a second I owned a car, but only a second, because then I remembered the price of gas. Relaxed for the ten minute ride home.

8pm-10pm: No Chris--out at concert to write an article for a local website. Must put away groceries alone. (Well, not entirely alone. Cats very eager to help. Fiver especially interested in the clubpack of ground beef.) Threw together foods from neglected food groups to make something vaguely resembling dinner. Did internet stuff (as above), wrote entry, yawned, and decided it was time for sleeping.

Aims for tomorrow: Wake up earlier, start writing earlier. Make more productive use of non-fiction freelance time (i.e., the hours between lunch and "real" job).

Tags: in memory of/give up the ghost, life, my brief attempt at freelancing, nonfiction, novels, writing

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