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Freelancing Report, Day Two

7:30am-8:30am: Wake up, breakfast, shower, all the usual stuff. From now on I will drop this section unless it is relevant.

8:30am-11:30am: Writing rough draft of In Memory Of, with brief interruption to talk with Chris when he got up (I was asleep when he got in last night). Steadily plowing through the middle of the book. Lots of character revelations and awkward conversations, but these are fun as well as difficult, so it's all good. 1,595 new words, 28,168 total.

11:30am-12pm: Lunch/Internet Break (simultaneous)

12pm-3pm: Traveling from library to library on a roundabout journey to "real" job, hitting all four planned, borrowing so many magazines my shoulder hurts from carrying the full canvas bag around--and also managing to buy a few at 10 cents a piece! I would list which ones I got, but the list would be very long. Mostly children's and teen magazines. Also picked up a book on freelancing I'd had on hold and starting skimming. Lots of good stuff. Will have to sit down with it and a notebook and give it a thorough reading.

3pm-8pm "Real" job and busing home from. Read a few stories from the July Fantasy and Science Fiction (one of my library finds) on the way home. Was hoping to be inspired but instead felt disappointed. Harrumph. No wonder I can't get JJA to read any of my stuff. I don't even like what he likes.

8pm-10pm or so: Dinner and this and that. Must go eat now.

Aims for tomorrow: I have not really planned, other than to keep going with IMO.
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