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Freelancing Report, Day Four

Didn't sleep all that well, but the writing went well enough to perk me up, so I've been pretty alert anyway.

9:30-11:30am: In Memory Of. Feeling like I need a little more in between two scenes here, but I'll worry about that in the next draft. Possibly I have passed the middle of the book and stepped into the final third. Certainly the event I'll be writing next is the final catalyst for the climax. 1,539 new words, 30,737 total.

11:30-12:30pm: Internet break/lunch.

12:30-2:30pm: Sorting through library magazines. Added to possible markets: Girl's Life, Writer's Digest,
National Geographic Kids, Body & Soul, and Seventeen. Added to non-viable markets (just not my thing): Teen Vogue, Elle Girl, Starlog. I get the sense teen girl magazines are getting even more inane than they were ten years back. At least Teen and YM had as many pages of real articles about stuff I wanted to know about (how to tell if he's crushing on you! what to do if your parents are too strict! etc.) as they did spreads of fashion shoots and clothing bargains. Most of the ones I'm looking at now, you're lucky if there's two pages out of two hundred that *aren't* about clothes, make-up, and teen stars that wear nice clothes and make-up. Gah.

2:30-7:30pm: "Real" job. Read F&SF to and from.

7:30pm-onward Chilling. It's Friday night, dammit. I am not making any aims for tomorrow. Chris and I are going to eat homemade nachos and watch Once Upon A Time In China.

Catch you later.

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