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Guh (or, Freelancing Report, Day Eight)

This post may turn out somewhat incoherent as I had a work meeting which left me emotionally and mentally zonked. God, I need a new job. Every time I leave that house I want to cry, and strangle various persons, and other such things. Unfortunately, I am committed to work until the end of the school year, at least (it'd have to get absolutely, impossibly horrible before I'd leave them in the lurch), and if I go, then Chris won't feel comfortable continuing (he holds his own, but he got the job through me). So that, in short, is a sucky situation. Hence "Guh".

But enough about that.

Ate breakfast with Necroscope for company. Had found it slow-going for the first chapter or two, but now I'm hooked.

9:30-11:30am: In Memory Of. Finished chapter 14 and got a good head start on 15. Which means in chapter terms I'm nearly 3/4 done. Yay! 1,503 new words, 35,659 total.

11:30-2:30pm: Signed contracts for Bash Down the Door and Son and Foe to be mailed, probably, Saturday. Brainstorming and researching for article writing/querying/submitting. Ended up deciding to start off by writing a few articles on spec and shopping those around until I get a couple published and have a couple clips. 'Cause all the places that only want queries also want clips, and I've got... Well, I guess I've got the one non-fic piece published, but it was a pretty tiny, on-line publication, and an opinion piece at that. Not sure I'd want to use it.

So, the plan is to first write a YA book review (for Cicada, and then wherever I can find that might want it) and an article on telling if a person is lying (for teen/girl's magazines). In the near future, I'd also like to attempt: a myth retelling (for kids mags), a couple of articles on writing (e.g., advice on starting up/joining a writer's group), and an article or two about special needs kids (for parenting/family magazines). Which'll probably take up my afternoon writing time through to October, at least.

I like having a plan.

2:30-3:00pm: Lunch and further brainstorming.

3:00-9:30pm: "Real" job--shift with one boy, meeting for two others. Reading for writer's group on bus.

And now I am home, and I've done internet-y things, and I must sleep.

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