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Belated Freelancing Report, Day Nine

Too busy-busy last night to post. Basically...

Yesterday (Friday): 1,269 new words on In Memory Of, bringing the total to 36,928. Re-read the book I'm doing the review on, 'cause it'd been a year since I first read it, and outlined the review. Wrote comments on manuscripts for writer's group.

Today: Writer's group meeting, lacking a few members but still managing some good discussion. Surfed some freelance writers websites and bookmarked a couple more possible markets--low-paying ones, but maybe good for getting started. Did some chores in and out of the house. Mailed contracts. Noticed About.com needed someone to cover the Psychology section, so went out on a limb and applied (I'm guessing they'd prefer someone with an MA or PhD, but what the hey, it can't hurt, right?). Responded to my new mentee. Watched first two episodes of House. Hee. Lovely snark.

Aims for Tomorrow and so forth: "Real" job is starting later than usual, so I should be able to get at least a couple of hours on IMO before I have to leave. Probably will be too tired afterward to do much, but if not, will write up review (should only be 300-500 words so won't take long). If not, plan to write it up Monday. Then write articles for the markets I've found that are less likely to care about clips. Better to write for the ones more likely to take 'em, than the ones that may not look at on spec work at all.

Chris is very hopeful about a new job he's been courting. Cross fingers for him, 'kay?

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