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Freelancing Report, Day 12/13

Was out at a friend's last night, so I crashed as soon as I got home. I will summarize.

Yesterday (Wednesday): In Memory Of. Finished chapter 18 as planned. Will have to comb over it for melodrama on editing. Still, not bad for a first run-through. 1,831 new words, 43,470 total. Stumbled across a freelancing job that looked perfect for me (writing short passages and comprehension questions to assess students), spent the time I had left and most of my public transport time researching for the sample exercise and writing it up.

Today-so-far: In Memory Of. Quite a bit of exposition in this bit, which slows me down. But the end is so close I can almost touch it! 1,230 new words, 44,700 total. Typed up exercise for job mentioned above, edited, checked reading level, edited again, repeat several times, then sent it off. I think I might be too late (the job was posted a week ago, and it's supposed to be starting next week), or they might not like that I'm international, but otherwise, I should have a pretty good shot. More finger-crossing requested.

I've printed out the three old-site articles I'm going to play with. Will muck about with them in the last half hour before I have to leave for work, then scribble lots on the bus.

Oh, for the day when I won't have to leave for a "real" job, because this one will be it.

Tags: in memory of/give up the ghost, my brief attempt at freelancing, nonfiction, novels, writing

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